Alicia Meyer

Bradley and his men stands out among the electrical companies whose name you can find in the directory. Proof that they are the top of their industry? They turned night in to day. Great job, guys!

- Alicia Meyer, homeowner
Rick MacDonalds

I am more than satisfied with the affordable service and expert work Bradley and his men are providing me with. Why? They always pour out their heart in every work they do. That’s professionalism at its finest.

– Rick MacDonalds, fitness gym manager
Tyler Connolly

Bradley Poore Electrical is really dedicated to customer-friendly service. They treat you as friends, not just as ordinary customers. They service they extend is without fault. As friends, they are willing to assist you in any electrical projects you have.

– Tyler Connolly, club manager
Aaron MacCallum

Bradley Poore Electrical really provides great electrical lighting service. They really know their trade. Not only they rock! They rule!

- Aaron MacCallum, store-owner
Henry Ticker

The guys from Bradley Poore Electrical really hit the right switch. Everytime I have lighting problems at home, I never hesitate to call them to come over and fix the problem. Not only they always come on time, but also they work efficiently and leave no mess behind. I feel my home is safe, thanks to these guys

– Henry Ticker, factory manager





Bradley Poore Electrical Pty Ltd covers a wide range of electrical services to suit your requirements.



We are competitively priced and use quality electrical products that meet the highest Australian Standards and will stand the test of time.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging

Bradley Poore Electrical Pty Ltd also specialise in electrical thermal imaging service.